Was macht weiße Maulbeeren so besonders?

What makes white mulberries so special?

Oct 25, 2022

Mulberries – tasty, healthy and available in a variety of colors and shapes.

Today we'll look specifically at white mulberries, highlighting their many health benefits and culinary uses, and delving deeper into what sets them apart from their red or black siblings.

What are white mulberries?

White mulberries are the white fruits of the mulberry tree. They have been since
Popular for centuries due to their sweet taste, impressive nutritional content and various health benefits. Today, mulberries of all colors are once again enjoying increasing popularity among health-conscious and adventurous people around the world.

Mulberries come in many colors, but white, black and red are the most common. The name and type of tree do not always indicate the color of the berries! The berries of the "white" mulberry tree (Morus alba) can be white, lavender, or black, while those of the "red" tree (Morus rubra) can range from a beautiful red to a dark black.

Mulberries come in many colors, but white, black and red are the most common. The name and type of tree do not always indicate the color of the berries! The berries of the "white" mulberry tree (Morus alba) can be white, lavender, or black, while those of the "red" tree (Morus rubra) can range from a beautiful red to a dark black.

Where do white mulberries grow?

Mulberry trees come from China, where they were valued as the only food for silkworms. Today, mulberry tree species can be found all over the world - for example in the USA, Mexico, Iran and Argentina.

There are ten species of mulberry trees, some that thrive in tropical climates and bear fruit in early spring, and others that grow in temperate regions and can be harvested in mid-summer. After harvesting, the berries are ready to enjoy.

What do white mulberries taste like?

When picked at peak ripeness, white mulberries have a deliciously sweet, honey-like flavor that is balanced by contrasting tart flavors. Foodies may also detect notes of woody cedar or baking spices. In general, white mulberries have a honeydew melon flavor, while red and black mulberries have a stronger tart flavor.

It is important to note that the shelf life of fresh mulberries is not long - just a few days. Therefore, after harvesting, the berries should be stored in the refrigerator and eaten as quickly as possible. That's one reason why dried mulberries are so popular - all the goodness, in a more convenient form. What's not to love about it?

Are white mulberries healthy?

Many parts of the mulberry tree, including the root, leaves, bark and fruit, have been used by humans for health and culinary reasons centuries ago.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses white mulberries to act on the meridians of the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and spleen. Other traditions use white mulberries for laxative and antiseptic treatments, to lower cholesterol levels, and to regulate diabetes.

The tree's fruits contain a variety of compounds, including anthocyanins , which are known to have antioxidant effects. Meanwhile, an antibacterial substance called Kuwanon G was detected in the bark and roots. This is a compound found only in the white mulberry tree!

What is the difference between dried and fresh mulberries?

It can be difficult to purchase fresh mulberries of very good quality, especially for health-conscious consumers who want to avoid harmful additives and preservatives. The solution is simple - the mulberries are naturally sun-dried to protect the valuable ingredients and can therefore be stored and used for longer.

Dried mulberries are beneficial not only because of their shelf life, but also because they contain a significant amount of protein and iron.

How can I use white mulberries?

Not only are white mulberries wonderfully healthy, but they are also a versatile ingredient.

White mulberries can be used interchangeably with other colored mulberries, but they have one major advantage over the others. When the white mulberries are baked or juiced, they do not color. This makes the white mulberries perfect for any baking recipe where color and appearance are important. They can also be used as a substitute for cranberries, blueberries, and raisins in pretty much any dish.

The white mulberries are ideal for baking cakes or any other baking recipe that requires natural sweetness. The white mulberries can also be used to make jams and ice cream. We're big fans of mulberry muffins - the perfect mix of healthy and delicious. And for professionals - white mulberries are also perfect for making mulberry sorbet or even compote.

The soft, dried mulberries are perfect as a sweet treat on the go or for adding a honey-like sweetness to a variety of dishes. Give your salads a natural flavor, sweeten your breakfast cereal or add the white mulberries to your yogurt as a topping.

You can even freeze dried mulberries and then use them to make a delicious sorbet or smoothie. Ideal for a wonderful summer enjoyment.

Dried white mulberries also work perfectly in granola and trail mixes, making for a healthy snack. Hikers and adventurers not only benefit from the special taste experience, but also from the valuable nutrients in the dried berries.

Healthy, delicious, versatile and unique, white mulberries are a standout addition to any fridge, freezer or pantry. Can we now inspire you to try white mulberries?

If you decide to buy fresh or dried white mulberries, we recommend that you choose a specialized producer with high quality standards.

What makes PlantLife mulberries special?

At PlantLife we ​​believe in the power of mulberries, which is why they are included in some of our famous blends. Our super popular Cereal Killer and Super Bowl mixes contain mulberries and are both formulated for optimal nutrition and outstanding taste.

We respect our environment and capture the best that nature has to offer for you. We source our white mulberries from the fertile Samarkand region in Uzbekistan along the ancient Silk Road.

The mulberries grow in natural cycles in the backyards of many farmers. Selling mulberries provides additional income and provides help when other crops fail. We work closely with these small farmers, invest in their future and pay them a higher market price for their quality products.

Once the white mulberries are ripe, the berries are picked by hand and then sun-dried to preserve the valuable ingredients . Our harvesting techniques help to avoid monocultures and increase humus content. In this way, we ensure that we leave the earth a little better than we found it.

The final result? Unoiled, unsulfured premium white mulberries in raw food quality. So if you want to try white mulberries, you've come to the right place. Here you will find the best quality white mulberries. And if you can't get enough of mulberries, we also recommend our black Shotut mulberries .

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