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Original Taste

In search of the best

We believe food is the foundation stone for health, longevity, performance, and happiness. That’s why we are obsessed with sourcing the highest quality products from around the world, and getting it just right, naturally.

The first step is sourcing. Finding the best region in the world for any given product isn’t easy, and opinions vary. Take our mangoes, for example – did you know that the Mexican Pacific coast is home to the finest mangoes in the world – sweet, soft and without that nasty, fibrous texture? Neither did we, until we spent months flying around the world, eating mangos, and searching for the one that would truly rock our world. Being part of the PlantLife team has its perks.

Unique products, unique stories

Take our Uzbekistani mulberries, for example. Known as “Shotut” mulberries, they’re dark and sticky, yet pleasantly soft and impressively large. “Tut” means mulberry in Uzbekistan, and Sho comes from an old world for King (or Shah). These exquisite mulberries were reserved as a special occasion for court and fed only to the king, queen, and honoured guests. And now, you.

Our Sicilian almonds are sourced from the fertile slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, where the warm conditions and unique soil give them a delicate flavour and premium quality, preserved through careful sun-drying. Or, if you prefer, try our Uzbek almonds, grown along the old Silk Road, with a subtly different but equally delicious flavour.

The secret: location, location, location

In fact, you’ll find that we have stories like these for all our products. When you rely on nature to make your products delicious, we find that farming can be just like real estate – location, location, location.

Once we’ve found the perfect location, we work with local communities to make sure that the best possible methods of cultivation are used. We also work hard to ensure that everyone we work with is paid fairly and invest in local communities to make sure we get the best of the harvest.