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Our roots

Our story begins in rural Uzbekistan with a young woman called Elmira.
Elmira grew up watching her great-grandmother treat local villagers’ ailments with the plants and herbs that grew around her. Elmira fell in love with both plant-based food and cooking using fresh ingredients from the surrounding farms.
But when she met her husband-to-be, Josef, and moved to Vienna, she was shocked by the unhealthy diets and the impact on people’s lives and wellbeing. Surrounded by a sea of schnitzel and schnaps, she decided she was going to make it her life’s work to share the power of plant-based food with the people around her. Lemberona, and later PlantLife, were born.

Today, Elmira is a chef, fitness enthusiast and yoga instructor, and we’re bringing high quality and delicious fruits and nuts to Europe from all around the world, mangoes from Mexico and Brazil nuts from, well, Bolivia. But no matter how big we grow, we are committed to staying true to her vision and going above and beyond in how we source, harvest, and prepare our range.
We like to think her great-grandmother would be just a little bit proud.