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PlantLife was founded to source, grow, and provide access to the best quality plant-based products that nature provides, all while improving the lives of farmers with small, traditional farms. Over the years we have refined our business model, focusing on long-term investments in local agricultural communities.
Our commitment to shared value for farmers and consumers has helped both our partners and our company. We are now the largest exporter of ethically farmed agricultural products from Uzbekistan.
To increase our commitment to farmers even further, we work to ensure that the farming communities who need it most receive more benefits and opportunities. That is why we created our Pledge, to improve livelihoods through an approach we call “Sharetrade.”
This approach is based on the following principles:

The SHARETRADE Principles

1. We support and encourage cooperative models, shared ownership, and partnership.

2. We pay farmers fair prices and help them develop long-term plans to improve their incomes.

3. We guarantee livelihood security and good living standards for farmers.

4. We promote know-how transfer for more sustainable agriculture.

5. We provide access to financing.

6. We build long term relationships with farmers to build security and improve quality and yields.

Our work in Usbekistan

In Samarkand, Uzbekistan, we work with over 500 farming families and have watched their lives transform as a market for premium organic produce has flourished in Europe. We are also building similar relationships with farmers in Sri Lanka, India and beyond.

We build long term relationships with every farmer, working with partners to determine the “right” price for organic and high-quality crops, always higher than the standard market price.