Organic Cashew Pieces

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Unroasted cashew piecesPleasantly soft consistencyNaturalButtery aromaIdeal for baking, cooking or simply as a snack
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€18,99 Tax included.
€18,99 / kg
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Organic cashew pieces.May contain traces of other nuts.WARNING: Small children can choke on nuts. Naturally vegan. Sealed under protective athmosphere. Store in a dry place away from heat. Naturally rich in vitamin B1, natural source of iron and zinc. Natural source of protein.

average nutritional values per 100g
Calorific value (in kj/kcal) 2402/578
Fat 42g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 9.2g
carbohydrates 31g
of which sugar 15g
fiber 2.9g
protein 18g
Salt 0.04g

Burkina Faso and Vietnam

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Raw food

Sun dried

Cashew WS – break with bite

Are you wondering what's behind the name Cashew WS? The abbreviation stands internationally for “white split” and describes the typical break along the midline. Cashew kernels of this type are usually cheaper than their relatives, but have the same valuable ingredients. They will also enchant you with their deliciously nutty taste and their wonderfully soft consistency. White Cashew WS are chock-full of vitamins E, magnesium and potassium. These little energy bombs are welcome guests when exercising because they don't skimp on plant-based protein.

The origin of the cashew is mainly Vietnam and Burkina Faso. The farmers there know exactly how to handle the sensitive fruit. By carefully cracking the shell, the classic whole kernels, but also broken cashews, are created. Both end up in our packaging in perfect organic quality.

While whole kernels are often eaten too quickly, broken cashews are ideal for cooking. It is easy to soak and process further. For example, turn the seeds into vegetable mayonnaise or thick sauces. You should try plant-based cheese as well as delicious low-carb muffins. Roast the Cashew WS and you have wholesome croutons for salad or soup.


We source our untreated and unsalted cashews from West Africa and South-East Asia.

Yes, our cashew curds are as nature intended them, unroasted and unsalted.

Yes, our cahsew nuts are gently dried and are of raw food quality.

The versatile cashew nuts in broken quality are ideal for various applications: Enjoy them as a delicious snack in between or as a crunchy topping for your muesli. Use them as a tasty ingredient in Asian dishes and sauces, or use them to make vegan cheese to create creamy and spicy variations. The possibilities are limitless!

Our cashews are delivered in a practical resealable packaging. You can either use the original packaging or transfer the nuts to a resealable container to keep them fresh. Store the cashews in a cool and dry place.

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