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Organic Redskin Peanuts
Organic Redskin Peanuts
BIO Erdnüsse Redskin 1kg - PlantLife
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Organic Redskin Peanuts

  • Raw food quality
  • Beautiful colour
  • Rich in protein
  • Raw quality redskin unroasted peanuts
  • Pure natural flavour preserved through solar drying
  • Unadulterated and one hundred percent organic
  • Grown on stunning farms along the old Silk Road
  • Elevate your snacking - not your average peanut!
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Everyone loves peanuts, even if few know that they’re not actually nuts. But what’s often known as a lazy way to help bars sell more beer is actually a delicious premium snack – if you know what you’re doing.

One glance is enough to let you know that our redskin, unsalted, unroasted peanuts are unlike your ordinary bowl at a bar. These are the aristocracy of the peanut world, with an incredibly rich colour and a distinctive taste.

Because the texture is already perfectly balanced between soft and crunchy, we don’t roast them. Our redskin peanuts have a unique natural flavour that might be a bit different to what you expect, so keep in mind that these might not be for everyone.

Expect admiring and envious glances when you open a pack of these premium nuts. PlantLife can’t be held responsible for injuries caused by jealousy.

Peanuts are a good source of biotin, copper, niacin, manganese, vitamin E, and more. As studies have shown, the vitamins and minerals found in peanuts help the body to metabolise the energy in food, and they protect cells from oxidative stress. Peanuts also have the added benefit of protein, which helps to grow and maintain muscle mass.

Redskin peanuts can be used in other cooking and baking methods, but their high quality makes them perfectly suited for snacking.

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