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Organic Mango Cheeks
Organic Mango Cheeks
BIO Mango-Hälften 1kg - PlantLife
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Organic Mango Cheeks

  • Raw food quality
  • Sun-dried
  • Very addictive
  • Raw organic dried mango halves
  • Made from real mangos, sourced from the world’s best mango region in Mexico
  • Impossibly sweet (with no added sugar), chewy, and fruity
  • Addictive and perfect for snacking – soft and without fibrous texture
  • Great nutritional profile for an indulgent treat
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A few years ago, some European governments considered adding our mango halves to their lists of controlled substances. The reason? Reports had come in of them being so addictive that people had taken out loans, neglected their friends and families and otherwise negatively impacted their lives.

In all seriousness, we're proud of our mango halves. The first step to making them so delicious is their unique origin in Mexico. Our goal was to create a snack that captured a fresh mango's indulgent sweetness without the mess.

We don't add even a pinch of sugar to our mango halves – nature made them deliciously sweet the first time around. All we do is pick the finest mangos, peel them, cut the cheeks (pulp) from both sides, and gently dry them to preserve their natural goodness and make sure they get to you in perfect snacking condition. Many companies use lemon to preserve their mango products, but we avoid artificial additives and ship them to you in their purest natural state.

Just like unprocessed mangos, our mango halves are an incredible source of energy, fiber and vitamins. Mangos also contain a unique antioxidant called mangiferin that provides a range of health benefits. Their great nutritional profile and delicious taste make mango halves the perfect snack.

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