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Organic Prune Halves
Organic Prune Halves
Wilde BIO Dörrpflaumen 1kg - PlantLife
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Organic Prune Halves

  • Wild picked
  • Sun-dried
  • Rich in fiber
  • Raw, organic, wild-grown, unoiled and unsulphured prune halves
  • Delicious sweet-sour taste
  • Sourced from the mountain slopes along the old Silk Road
  • Naturally sun-dried to preserve flavour and texture
  • Ideal for snacking between meals, adding some excitement to mueslis, or in many savoury dishes
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Prunes (which are actually just dried plums) are a good source of fiber and are well known for their benefits to digestion, as well as being naturally delicious and snackable.

Plums that grow wild develop a strong sweet-sour taste that is immediately distinctive and naturally delicious. Our raw plums are sourced from the mountain slopes of Samarkand, along the old Silk Road. Then, they’re naturally sun-dried to preserve their flavour and texture. They’re a little less soft than most prunes, but when it comes to flavour and nutrition, they’re the best in the world – if you ask us.

Prunes are high in fiber, which can help reduce issues like constipation and haemorrhoids. They also contain sorbitol, giving them a mild laxative effect – something to keep in mind! They’re also a great source of potassium, niacin, manganese, iron and the mineral boron, which contributes to strong bones and muscles.

The dried fruit can be used in a variety of ways - as a snack between meals, as an exciting addition in mueslis, to make nut and fruit bars or to add a tart note in savoury dishes.

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