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Organic Brazil Nuts
Organic Brazil Nuts
BIO Paranusskerne 1kg - PlantLife
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Organic Brazil Nuts

  • Wild picked
  • Hand cracked
  • Rich in selenium
  • Premium organic Brazil nuts sourced from the Bolivian rainforest
  • Hand-cracked and gently processed to capture natural flavour and nutrition
  • Sustainably grown using wild-harvesting to protect the natural world
  • Great source of vitamins A and E, and a fantastic source of selenium
  • Perfect for snacking, adding to muesli, making butter or grated in desserts
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Native to the Amazon rainforest, Brazil nuts are commonly enjoyed for their buttery texture and nutty flavour and are one of the world’s most distinctive nuts in terms of flavour and appearance, as well as being impressively large.

We source our premium Brazil nuts from the Amazon rainforest. From Bolivia. You can call them “Bolivia nuts” if you prefer, but no one will know what you’re talking about, so we can’t recommend it.

The process of growing and harvesting is truly captivating. In the rainy season, ripe pods fall from the trees before being hand-cracked with machetes to reveal the nuts within. We work closely with local cooperatives to preserve the rainforest by encouraging sustainable farming practices. Paying a fair price for premium Brazil nuts helps incentivise keeping the trees alive and well, preserving the rainforest from deforestation for agriculture.

Brazil nuts are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium, as well as natural, healthy fats and protein. Science has shown the incredible health benefits of vitamin E and selenium, including their ability to protect cells from oxidative stress - an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in the body. Brazil nuts are rich in nutrients that support healthy body function.

Natural, hand-cracked and of raw-food quality, Brazil nuts are ideal for snacking, adding crunch to muesli, or making delicious butter. They’re also easy to grate and slice and can be a great addition to cakes, pastries and other desserts.

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