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Organic Pistachio Kernels
Organic Pistachio Kernels
BIO Pistazienkerne 1kg - PlantLife
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Organic Pistachio Kernels

  • Raw food quality
  • Beautiful colour
  • Natural melatonin
  • Raw quality organic premium pistachio kernels
  • The perfect premium snack - gently harvested and processed to preserve their natural goodness
  • Stunning colours ranging from purple to warm green
  • Contain a wide range of nutrients, including melatonin and antioxidants
  • Perfect for snacking or for cooking and baking
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Pistachios are members of the cashew family and are beloved for their unique taste and variety of uses. We love them here at PlantLife, and offer a few kinds depending on your preference, sourcing them from perfect locations across the world to ensure you get the best that nature has to offer.

Our shell-free raw pistachio kernels have an intense and delicious flavour. We source ours from farms in Central Asia, where we know the farmers personally. They are gently harvested using natural techniques, which help retain their wonderful range of colours – from a soft purple to a warm green. It’s because of this colour that pistachios are sometimes known as “green gold”, due to their premium quality, rarity, and value.

They contain natural melatonin, sometimes used to aid with sleeping difficulties, and are a good source of antioxidants. They are also rich in vitamin E, which maintains balance between antioxidants and free radicals in the body. The nutrients in pistachios support cell division and healthy functioning of the nervous system.

They are perfect as a premium snack or in plant-based cooking and baking.

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