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Organic Raisins "Green Khorog"
Organic Raisins "Green Khorog"
BIO Rosinen "Green Khorog" 1kg - PlantLife
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Organic Raisins "Green Khorog"

  • Raw food quality
  • Shade-dried
  • Naturally nutritious
  • Premium, raw, unoiled, unsulphured organic raisins
  • Named for the ancient town of Khorog, located by the old Silk Road
  • Unique flavour and appearance, not your average raisin
  • High in antioxidants, natural sugar, iron, calcium and more
  • Perfect in a range of dishes like curries and snack bars, or for an energy-boosting snack
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Do you need a raisin to believe? Well, there’s one right here - our incredible Green Khorog Raisins will have you singing and dancing all day long.

Sweet, soft, and deliciously moreish, raisins are beloved across the world. But there’s more variation than you might think between different types of raisins. These premium raw unoiled raisins are named for Khorog, an ancient town located in the mountainous regions surrounding the old Silk Road and famous for its incredible raisins.

We pick ours at peak ripeness when they are almost glowing with vitality. Then, we gently shade-dry them to preserve their pristine natural goodness.

Raisins are a good source of antioxidants, fiber, iron, and calcium. They’re fairly high in calories, so watch your portion size!

Due to their unique flavour, Green Khorog Raisins are best enjoyed as is. However, they make a good addition to muesli or can be used in baking and are often added to trail mixes or snack bars. Khorog raisins are especially well-suited to stirring into a curry or for use in cakes and muffins.

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