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BIO Rosinen "Manucca" 300g - PlantLife
BIO Rosinen "Manucca" 300g - PlantLife
BIO Rosinen "Manucca" 300g - PlantLife
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BIO Rosinen "Manucca" 300g - PlantLife
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Organic Raisins "Manucca"

  • Raw food quality
  • A PlantLife Original
  • Naturally very sweet
  • Raw quality organic Manucca raisins
  • Soft texture, intensely sweet and fruity
  • Impressively large, unoiled and unsulphured
  • Slightly crispy skin, 1-2 seeds per raisin
  • Perfect for snacking, great health profile
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What is a raisin? Simple – it's a dried grape. Raisins are popular worldwide, eaten raw or used in cooking, baking and even brewing.

Our organic Manucca raisins are particularly large brown raisins that contain 1-2 seeds per raisin. A lot of people dislike biting into a seed when they eat grapes, but this experience with our raisins is quite different. Here, the seeds give a unique crunchy texture and flavour. The taste is incredibly sweet and fruity; the core gives the raisins a little bitter note.

The Manucca raisin owes its name to the South Sea myrtle plant, or as it is better known, Manuka. The legendary Manuka honey is made from their flowers with the help of bees. What do the Manuka raisin and the Manuka honey have in common? The honey-golden, brown colour and a fantastic and unique taste.

We source these raisins exclusively from Uzbekistan, from organic areas cultivated by farmers whose families have lived there for generations. We work closely with local cooperatives, who represent around a thousand farmers and their families

After the harvest, the Manuka raisins are washed and then gently dried with the help of the sun. The drying process used is a very environmentally friendly solar drying method that is extremely gentle on the product.

Dried raisins contain the same nutrients as fresh grapes, just in a more concentrated form. That means they're a great source of amino acids, vitamins A, E, and omega 6. The antioxidants are the stars of the show, helping to prevent unwanted oxidation in the body and potentially slowing down the ageing process of the cells.

Raisins can be used as a pick-me-up after strenuous exercise to add some sweetness to oatmeal, porridge or muesli, in salads, or in baked goods. If you're feeling cheeky, plump them up in some juice, wine, or other booze for a bit of extra impact.

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