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Snack box "Raw Spirit"

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13 Raw Spirit favorite productsPerfect set to test your way through the PlantLife rangeAll products are vegan, gluten-free and of the best organic and raw food qualityPackaging is made from 100% recyclable plasticGreat value for money!
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Naturally vegan. Sealed under protective athmosphere. May contain traces of other nuts. Store dry and out of heat.

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The products come from different countries from Mexico to Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka to Turkey. All products are carefully analyzed, cleaned and packaged in Austria.

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Raw food

Gluten free

The ultimate Raw Spirit starter set

Youtuber "Raw Spirit", who has been very familiar with our products for many years, has put together his own set of his 13 favorite products, which you can now purchase exclusively here at a great price. This is the perfect opportunity to test out PlantLife's range at an unbeatable price.

What can you expect in the set?

  • 7 Uzbek specials - some from wild collection: mountain almonds, plums, sour and sweet cherries, black mulberries, Khorog raisins and pomegranate seeds
  • Our absolute bestseller product - the dried mango slices
  • The set is also rounded off with: pistachio nuts, white mulberries, walnut halves, macadamias and mini bananas
  • All products are vegan, gluten-free and of the best organic and raw food quality.

If you care about a healthy, nutrient-rich diet and would like to get to know our products better, then this set is just right for you.

PS: If you order by December 20th, you will receive a little surprise from our warehouse elves!

PPS: We have taken good precautions! However, if the rush is enormous, one or two items in the set may no longer be available. If this unlikely event occurs, we will send you a similar replacement item and inform you accordingly.


The product contains 13 unique products and represents a good cross-section of the extensive PlantLife range. As described above, you can expect mountain almonds, plums, sour and sweet cherries, black and white mulberries, pistachio kernels, mango slices, Khorog raisins, pomegranate seeds, walnut halves, macadamia nuts as well Baby bananas. All products are vegan, gluten-free and of the best organic and raw food quality.

It shouldn't be news that mangoes, bananas and pistachios don't grow in Germany. Our products therefore come from very different places, including: Mexico, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya and a few others. What all products have in common is that they are certified organic and are carefully analyzed and cleaned by us in Austria before we package them.

And how! Compared to buying individual packs, you save over €20.

Raw Spirit is a YouTuber and influencer who has been dedicated to the topic of raw food and healthy eating for many years. He explains the health benefits of certain products in numerous videos and posts. He also repeatedly refers to products that we have in our range.

We hear very often: Why are your bags made of plastic? Of course, we would also like to do without plastic, but as of today it is still the raw material that best meets the various demands placed on packaging. Paper, for example, has a sustainable appearance. But if you look closer you will discover that paper bags are also coated with plastic on the inside. This type of composite is particularly harmful because it cannot be recycled. Other packaging materials such as compostable materials are still in development and are therefore still far too expensive. Glass is incredibly energy-intensive and also not particularly sustainable. We therefore rely on plastic that is 100% recyclable. Scientifically speaking, this is still the best compromise today.

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