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Tasting boxes. Yeah!

Welcome to the wonderful world of organic nuts and dried fruits, where taste is king and the fun never stops! Our tasting boxes are so tempting that even your nuts will crack with laughter! 🥜🍇

Why our organic tasting boxes are so unique:

1. Organic enjoyment:Our nuts and dried fruits are not only delicious, but also certified organic. We rely on sustainable cultivation to offer you the best possible quality and at the same time give some love back to our earth.

2. Diversity to fall in love with:In our sample boxes you will find an exciting mix of crunchy nuts such as cashews, almonds and walnuts, which combine with sweet and juicy dried fruits such as apricots, plums and mangoes. There is something for every taste!

3. A snack that makes history:These tasting boxes are not just a snack, they are an adventure! Every nut and every fruit has its own story to tell. And your taste buds will have a front row seat to hear them.

4. Laughing is healthy:Our motto is: "Laughter is healthy, but nuts and dried fruits are healthier!" These delicious snacks are not only good for your mood, but also for your health. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

5. Gifts to make you smile:Our sample boxes are ideal as a gift idea! Give the gift of laughter and a dose of health to your friends and family. Who can resist a cheerfully crunchy gift?

Our organic nut and dried fruit tasting box not only has good taste, but also a lot of fun. Order today and let yourself be surprised by the organic fun! Your taste buds will thank you. 🎉🥜🍓



Raw food

Gluten free


Many customers are hearing about PlantLife for the first time and often don't know which products they should try first. The boxes are used to easily find out about the variety and special features of our products. They are also particularly suitable as a gift or souvenir.

Some of our products come from wild collection - something very special. That's why we developed the "Wild Bunch" tasting set, which only contains wild-collected products. We are also known for our unique blends and exciting trail mix alternatives. The “Snack Attack” sample box therefore combines our most popular snack mixes. Ultimately we also have an all-star set. Nature's Dream Team is a small but fine selection of our most popular products.

Yes, all products in the individual sample boxes are as natural as possible. They are certified organic, sun-dried, unroasted, unsalted, unsulfured, unoiled and unsweetened (only the cranberries in the mixtures have a light addition of cane sugar).

This is a good question that can be answered long and short. We limit ourselves to the short version here. Paper, glass and other supposedly sustainable materials are nowhere near as good in terms of their climate and ecological balance as they seem. We use 100% recyclable plastic because it best combines sustainability, product freshness and cost efficiency.

All products in the sample boxes are ideal as a healthy snack. Our mixtures also look good in any muesli and some products such as cashews and plums are also great for cooking and baking.

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