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Organic Wild Almonds
Organic Wild Almonds
Wild-collected | raw food | rarity
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€4,75 / 100g
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Raw food

Sun dried


In our sale category you will find a selection of nuts and dried fruits in raw food quality from organic farming. Here we offer time-limited offers and special prices for selected products.

Yes, the products in our sale category meet the same high quality standards as our regular products. They also come from organic farming and are made in raw food quality.

Our Sale category offers temporary special offers to reward our valued customers and provide an opportunity to enjoy our high quality nuts and dried fruits at discounted prices. Some of these are also products that we have removed from our range.

The offers in our sale category are limited in time and may vary. We recommend checking back regularly so you don't miss any special offers.

Yes, we ensure that all products in our sale category are fresh and of high quality. Our products are carefully packaged to ensure their freshness and integrity before they reach you.

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