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Vegan enjoyment magic: Our raw food ingredients - organic, gluten-free & damn tasty!

Hello, master chefs and baking fairies with green hearts! Are you ready to transform your kitchen into a magical place of vegan flavor explosion? Here are our unbeatable vegan cooking and baking ingredients in raw food quality that will not only spice up your creations, but will also make your taste buds dance with joy!

No more boring ingredients that taste like the dusty corner of an old cookbook. Our vegan ingredients are like the rock stars of plant-based cuisine - organic, gluten-free and without animal ingredients.

But wait, that's not all! Our banana flour is like the secret superhero that transforms your baked goods into delicious vegan masterpieces. It's so versatile that it feels right at home in any recipe. And then we have chestnut flour - a true magician that gives your creations a slightly nutty twist.

But that's not the end of the plant-based flavor magic! Our desiccated coconut is like a vacation in a bucket that catapults your treats to exotic heights. And do you know who rounds off the sweet finale? Our sultanas! These little flavor explosions are like party guests in your creations that just never stop dancing.

But here comes the real plant-based kicker: All of our products are not only vegan, but also gluten-free from A to Z! And not only that, they also come from a production facility where vegan and gluten-free magic formulas prevail. This means your culinary dreams come true - without any animal or gluten surprises!

Be ready to make your pots and pans sizzle without compromising on taste! Get our magical raw vegan cooking and baking ingredients now that will take your plant-based creations to a new level. No matter whether you are a baking fairy or a kitchen wizard, with our ingredients your kitchen will become a melting pot of vegan enjoyment!



Raw food

Gluten free


Raw food quality means that our ingredients are dried at low temperatures to best preserve their natural nutrients and enzymes. This gentle process preserves the quality and taste of our ingredients.

Yes, our products are produced in a purely gluten-free facility. Our products are therefore also suitable for celiacs.

Our gluten-free ingredients such as banana flour, chestnut flour and coconut flakes are perfect for a variety of recipes. Banana flour is suitable as a gluten-free alternative in baked goods, while chestnut flour adds a nutty taste. Coconut shavings are a delicious addition to desserts and dishes.

Yes, our gluten-free ingredients are free of additives such as preservatives or artificial flavors. You can rest assured that you are getting pure and natural ingredients.

Our ingredients can be used in many ways. Banana flour can be used as a gluten-free alternative, chestnut flour gives bread and pastries a nutty taste, and coconut flakes add an aromatic note to desserts and dishes. Let your creativity run wild and discover new gluten-free delights!

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