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About us

We believe that the global food system is broken. Most people eat diets that are bad for their health and happiness.
In many developing parts of the world smallholder agricultural producers are marginalised and living in poverty, often exploited as the weakest link in global food supply chains.

What’s more, the food sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and has an adverse impact on resources that are critical for life like water and biodiversity. We know the world would be a better place if our relationship with food was founded on sustainability, quality, justice, and joy.

By improving the lives of farmers and their families and by offering nature’s finest to people across the world, we hope to make a positive change in how we all relate to our food, getting more out of life from the power of plants.

Our Roots

Our story begins in rural Uzbekistan with a young woman called Elmira. Elmira grew up watching her great-grandmother treat local villagers’ ailments with the plants and herbs that grew around her. Elmira fell in love with both plant-based food and cooking using fresh ingredients from the surrounding farms.

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